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Hudson Spivey

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I am a human-environment geographer interested in instances of socio-ecological ruin and restoration in the Anthropocene.

My research interests center on the constitution and performance of environmental knowledge and how that knowledge is applied in governmental projects of environmental management. More broadly, I am interested the operationalization of the "environment" as a bounded, legible, and calculable space at a variety of scales, from the riverbank or watershed to the atmosphere and climate system as whole.

Currently, I am investigating the spatial components of risk management and land remediation in villages that were evacuated in Fukushima following the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Combining insights from cultural geography, political ecology, and science and technology studies, my work examines how the impacts of environmental contamination have been shaped and governed by expert, administrative practices, including the production of maps, designation of boundaries and zonal categories, and the development and circulation of re-settlement plans. I am also examining the ways in which residents assent, contest, or subvert governmental responses to land contamination.

Fields of Study

Environmental knowledge; infrastructure; risk; socio-ecological restoration; the Anthropocene; science and technology studies; Japan and the American West.


John Agnew


Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA - Summer 2017

Helin Research Travel Grant, UCLA - Spring 2017

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship - Summer 2016

Sasakawa Summer Language Fellowship - Summer 2016

Eugene V. Cota-Robles Award, UCLA - Fall 2015

Richard Drake Writing Award, Univ. of Montana - Spring 2013

Graduate Student Wrting Award, Univ. of Montana - Spring 2012

Cinnabar Climate Conservation Fellowship - Winter 2011


M.S. Environmental Studies, University of Montana (2013)

B.A. History, North Carolina State University (2004)