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Laurence Smith


My research focuses on the hydrology of snow and ice covered landscapes. I have been involved in research on snow hydrology of the western US since 2008 and ice sheet hydrology of Greenland since 2015. I have used energy balance modeling and remote sensing for most of my research. I also worked for 3.5 years as a field technician at an NSF Critical Zone Observatory and I have participated in many field work campaigns as a graduate research assistant. Prior to joining the Department of Geography at UCLA, I was primarily involved in research into the effects of climate change on snow accumulation and melt in the mountains of the American West. At UCLA, my research is focused on understanding how surface melting of the Greenland ice sheet contributes to sea level rise. Broadly speaking, I aim to bridge in-situ field measurements with hydrologic modeling and remotely sensed data to understand the integrated hydrologic cycle of ice and snow covered catchments.


MS - Water Resources Science. Oregon State University, 2015.