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Geography Colloquium: Meredith Palmer

Los Angeles

Termination's Creeds: Race, Health Science, and Spatial Matters in US Colonialism  Dr. Meredith Palmer Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Science and Technology Studies Cornell University   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFPzGGkSmVw

Geography Colloquium: Laureano Gherardi Arbizu

Los Angeles

Precipitation Variability Effect on Ecosystem Functioning: Experimentation, Modelling and Data Synthesis from Local to Global Scale Dr. Laureano Gherardi Arbizu Senior Manager, Global Drylands Center Arizona State University Recorded lecture and Q&A.

Geography Colloquium: Charmaine Chua

Los Angeles

Fast Circulation, Slow Life: The Racial Fix of Logistics Dr. Charmaine Chua Assistant Professor of Global Studies University of California, Santa Barbara

Geography Colloquium: Miriam Marlier

Los Angeles

  Fires, Smoke Exposure and Public Health Dr. Miriam Marlier Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Fielding School of Public Health University of California, Los Angeles        

Geography Colloquium: Michael Mendez

Los Angeles

Climate Change from the Street Dr. Michael Mendez Assistant Professor of  School of Social Ecology Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy University of California, Irvine

Geography Colloquium: Katherine Ennis

Los Angeles

Climate consequences for pest predation, production and producers in coffee Dr. Katherine Ennis UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow Departments of Plant and Microbial Biology and Integrative Biology University of California, Berkeley

Geography Colloquium: Deshonay Dozier

Bunche 1261 315 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles

Forming Skid Row: Redevelopment, Policing, and Indigenous Sites of Care in Downtown Los Angeles, 1950s to 1980s Dr. Deshonay Dozier Assistant Professor Departments of Geography California State University, Long Beach

Geography Colloquium: Dr. Brandi Summers

Los Angeles

Spatial Temporalities: The Future-Pasts of Black Dispossession Dr. Brandi Summers Assistant Professor Department Geography and Global Metropolitan Studies University of California, Berkeley      

Geography Colloquium: Dr. Danya Al-Saleh

Los Angeles

  Land-Grant University Geographies between Qatar and Texas Dr. Danya Al-Saleh ACLS Emerging Voices Fellow Department Geography University of California, Los Angeles