Bridget Livers Gonzalez


Contact Information

Email    blgonzalez [at] ucla.edu
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My primary field is geomorphology with an emphasis in fluvial processes and riparian-stream ecology. My primary research goals are to understand feedbacks between streams and riparian zones and the role of streams in terrestrial ecosystems. My research has involved field work in streams in high-elevation old-growth forests of the Colorado Front Range and using spatial and multivariate statistics and conceptual models to describe observed patterns. Research in this region includes evaluating process, form, and expected downstream patterns among process domains and determining relationships between riparian forest history, instream wood, and stream channel complexity in forested valleys. 


PhD Earth Science, Colorado State University, 2016

MS Geosciences, Colorado State University, 2013

BS Environmental Studies, Geology minor, University of Kansas, 2008 

Selected Publications

Wohl, E., S. Rathburn, S. Chignell, K. Garrett, D. Laurel, B. Livers, A. Patton, R. Records, M. Richards, D. Schook, N. Sutfin, and P. Wegener, 2016. Mapping longitudinal stream connectivity in the North St. Vrain Creek watershed of Colorado. Geomorphology.


Livers, B., and E. Wohl, 2016. Sources and interpretation of channel complexity in forested subalpine streams of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Water Resources Research 52, 3910-3929. doi: 10.1002/2015WR018306.


Livers, B., and E. Wohl, 2015. An evaluation of stream characteristics in glacial versus fluvial process domains in the Colorado Front Range. Geomorphology 231, 72-82.


Ortega, J.A., E. Wohl, and B. Livers, 2013. Waterfalls on the eastern side of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Geomorphology 198, 37-44.