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Sam Nowak

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My research is centered on urban political geographies with interests in the politics of mobility, political economy, and relational poverty studies.

Fields of Study

Urban Geography, Economic Geography, Public Transit, The Politics of Mobility, Relational Poverty Studies


Eric Sheppard (Co-chair)

Helga Leitner (Co-chair)

Ananya Roy (Committee)


National Science Foundation Graduate Reseach Fellowship (2015 - 2018)

University of Washington, Dean's Medalist in Social Sciences (2013)

University of Washington Library Research Award (2013)

Mary Gates Research Fellowship (2013)

University of Washington, Academic Excellence (2013)


B.A. with honors, Geography, summa cum laude, University of Washington 


Walter, A., K. Hankins, and S. Nowak Forthcoming. “The spatial solidarity of intentional neighboring” In Oosterlynck, S., Loopmans, M., and Schuermans, N. (eds.), Place, Diversity, Solidarity (Routledge, Forthcoming).

Elwood, S., V. Lawson, and S. Nowak. 2015. Middle-Class Poverty Politics: Making Place, Making People. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 105 (1):123–143.


Nowak, S., Walter, A., Hankins, H. (2014) “Faith, privilege, and encounter: Intentional neighboring and middle-class subjectivities.” Relational Poverty Network annual meeting. Seattle WA, October 10th, 2014.

Nowak, S. (2013) “Homelessness, Mobility, and the City.” University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium, Seattle, WA, May, 2013

Anixter, H., S. Nowak, K. Hankins, A. Walter (2013) “A Quiet Politics of Spatial Solidarity: ‘Intentional Neighboring’ in the Inner City”. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, April, 2013.

Nowak, S. & H. Olsen (2012) “Why Delridge?: Narratives of Neighborhood Fragility and Economic Liability”. University of Washington Undergraduate Symposium in Geography, June, 2012.