Andrea Furnaro

Andrea Furnaro

Graduate Student



I study the governance of natural resources from a political-economic perspective. I am especially interested in the geographies and politics of resource extraction and energy transitions.

My doctoral research focuses on the regulation of energy systems and their decarbonization. I am studying how the phase-out of coal-fired power production and coal extraction in Germany has been negotiated and resisted, looking historically and at the present. I explore what different governance mechanisms for a coal exit have been discussed and implemented, as well as what public and private strategies have been used to address the costs involved in the premature devaluation of physical and financial assets in the upstream and downstream energy sectors. My research also analyzes the socioecological outcomes and distributive dimensions associated with the decommissioning and dismantling of energy infrastructure, and with the restoration and rehabilitation of coal mines.

I am currently based in Germany, where I collaborate with the Coal Exit Group, at the Technische Universität Berlin. I am also an energy transition fellow at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, where I participate in research and advocacy projects in Africa and Latin America on low-carbon energy transitions, climate-related risks facing oil and gas-producing countries and national oil companies, the use of natural gas as a source for electricity in gas-rich countries, and governance priorities surrounding the production of minerals necessary for clean energy technologies.

In the 10 past years, I have worked in research and policy evaluation in the fields of energy governance, socio-environmental conflicts, extractive industries, and rural development, for institutions including the UN Department of Economics and Social Affairs, UNESCO, ECLAC, and the Ministry of Mining of Chile. I began my career as a research assistant at the Latin American Center for Rural Development.



2018 M.A. Geography, Syracuse University

2016 M.A. Social Sciences, Universidad de Chile

2013 B.A. Philosophy, Universidad Católica de Chile

2013 B.A. Sociology, Universidad Católica de Chile


Resource governance, political economy, energy geographies, economic geography, resource extraction, energy transitions

Selected Publications

Academic Journals

Furnaro, A., & Yanguas-Parra, P. (2022). A Global South Perspective on Stranded Regions: Insights from the Decline of Coal Mining in Cesar, Colombia. Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 11(2), 27-48.

Furnaro, A. 2022. The last subsidy: regulating devaluation in the German coal phase-out, New Political Economy, DOI: 10.1080/13563467.2022.2084523

Furnaro, A, and Kay, K. 2022. Labor resistance and municipal power: Scalar mismatch in the Los Angeles Green New Deal. Political Geography, Vol. 98. 

Furnaro, A. 2021. The role of moral devaluation in phasing out fossil fuels: limits for a socioecological fix. Antipode.

Furnaro, A. 2020. Neoliberal energy transitions: The renewable energy boom in the Chilean mining economy. EPE: Nature and Space, Vol. 3(4) 951–975.

Furnaro, A. 2019. Hegemony and passivity in mining regions: Containing dissent in north-central Chile. The Extractive Industries and Society, 6(1), 215-222.

Silva, V., & Furnaro, A. 2013. Repensando el lugar de origen: estudiantes de hogares Mapuche en Temuco y Santiago. ISEES: Inclusión Social y Equidad en la Educación Superior, (12), 59-86.

Policy Reports

Furnaro, A., Herpich, P., Brauers, H., Oei, Pao-Yu., Kemfert, C. & Look, W. 2021. German Just Transition: A Review of Public Policies to Assist German Coal Communities in Transition. Resources for the Future.

Furnaro, A. & Kay, K. 2021. Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in Los Angeles: Challenges for a Just Transition. University of California, Los Angeles.

Ramírez, E., & Furnaro, A. 2015. Agricultura Familiar Campesina y Circuitos Cortos en Chile: Situación actual, restricciones y potencialidades. INDAP/ODEPA/Rimisp, Santiago de Chile.

Furnaro, A., Ramírez, E., & Eguillor, P. 2015. Cómo vender en circuitos cortos: Desafíos y oportunidades para la Agricultura Familiar Campesina. INDAP/Rimisp, Santiago de Chile.

Moguillansky, G., Ramírez, E., & Furnaro, A. 2013. Las políticas de desarrollo productivo en Chile 1990 y 2012. Documento de Trabajo, (19), Rimisp, Santiago de Chile.


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