Austin Madson

Austin Madson

Graduate Student



Hydrologic Remote Sensing, GIS, Soil Moisture, Wetlands, Land Use/Land Cover Change (LULCC)


B.A., Geography, magna cum laude with Departmental Honors, UCLA 2012; 
Minor: Geospatial Information Systems & Technologies, UCLA 2012; 
M.A., Geography, UCLA (in progress)


My research interests include varying types of hydrologic remote sensing (wetland dynamics, soil moisture, continuous/discontinuous permafrost boundary, permafrost active layer thickness (ALT), etc), RADAR remote sensing technologies (PolSAR and DInSAR), real world applications in the use of Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS, integration of RS and GIS technologies and coupled human/environ systems.

Grants & Awards

Highly Commended Paper: The Undergraduate Awards – Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (2012) – “Sustainable Farming Methods with Concern to Water Usage of Ventura County Agriculture: Do Local Aquifer Levels Play a Role on Agriculture in the Oxnard and Pleasant Valley Basins of Ventura County” Blackman Family Award (2012) Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Scholarship Recipient (2011 – 2012)

Courses & Presentations

Madson, A., S. Barron, R. Sehler, “Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Disasters and Water Resources: NASA Radar Remote Sensing for Levee Health Assessment” Association of American Geographers, 2013 Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA 

Madson, A., “RADAR Love: NASA DEVELOP Students Utilize Airborne RADAR Data for A Variety of Uses” Ignite@AGU, Infusion Lounge, San Francisco, CA, 2012 [Video] 

Madson, A., K. Laygo, K. O’Connell, “Utilizing Radar Remote Sensing to Assess the Water Extent Along River Levees” American Geophysical Union, 2012 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. doi:IN13C-1513 

Madson, A., K. Laygo, S. Gorelik, “Central US Disasters: Visualizing the New Madrid Earthquake Seismic Zone for Improved Hazard Assessments” Summer 2012 NASA DEVELOP Closeout Presentation Session, NASA Headquarters, Washington D.C., 2012


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