Dimitar Anguelov

Dimitar Anguelov

Graduate Student

Email: anguelov@ucla.edu


Economic Geography/Geographical Political Economy, Urban and Regional Economics, Finance


M.A. Geography. University of California, Los Angeles. 2014

B.A. International Studies. University of Washington, Seattle. 2011


My research interests broadly pertain to uneven development, neoliberalism, finance and processes of financialization, urban governance, development policies, the European Union, Eastern Europe, Indonesia.

Selected Publications

Sparke, M., Anguelov, D. 2012. H1N1, Globalization, and the Epidemiology of Inequality. Health and Place (18): 726-736

Grants & Awards

Graduate Research Mentorship (UCLA), 2014Lemelson Fellowship, 2014AAG RCEEE Specialty Group, Best Paper Award, 2014AAG Economic Geography Specialty Group, Research Award, 2014NSF Graduate Research Fellowhip, 2012

Courses & Presentations

AAG 2014: Financialization of Entrepreneurial Urbanism


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John Agnew