Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

Graduate Student


Curriculum Vitae


MS – Water Resources Science, Oregon State University, 2015

BA – Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2009


My research is focused on understanding the impacts of climate change on meltwater runoff produced by melting snow and glacier ice. I use field experimentation, process-based computational models, and satellite remote sensing data to advance our understanding of hydrologic processes at scales ranging from mountain watersheds to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Selected Publications

Cooper M G, Smith L C, Rennermalm A K, Tedesco M, Muthyala R, Leidman S Z, Moustafa S E, and Fayne J V First spectral measurements of light attenuation in Greenland Ice Sheet bare ice suggest shallower subsurface radiative heating and ICESat-2 penetration depth in the ablation zone The Cryosphere Discuss.

Cooper M G and Smith L C 2019 Satellite Remote Sensing of the Greenland Ice Sheet Ablation Zone: A Review Remote Sensing 11 2405

Cooper M G, Schaperow J R, Cooley S W, Alam S, Smith L C and Lettenmaier D P 2018a Climate Elasticity of Low Flows in the Maritime Western U.S. Mountains Water Resources Research 54 5602–19

Cooper M G, Smith L C, Rennermalm A K, Miège C, Pitcher L H, Ryan J C, Yang K and Cooley S W 2018b Meltwater storage in low-density near-surface bare ice in the Greenland ice sheet ablation zone The Cryosphere 12 955–70

Cooper M G, Nolin A W and Safeeq M 2016 Testing the recent snow drought as an analog for climate warming sensitivity of Cascades snowpacks Environ. Res. Lett. 11 084009

Cooper M G 2015 Modeling Elevation-Dependent Snow Sensitivity to Climate Warming in the Data Sparse Eastern Oregon Cascades Master of Science (Oregon State University)


Grants & Awards

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow, 2017-2019

UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, 2016


Laurence C. Smith