Remi Bardou

Remi Bardou

Graduate Student



Coastal and Environmental Geography, Biogeography, Remote Sensing & GIS


Master’s Degree, University of Bordeaux 3 (France), 2014


My Ph.D work focuses on studying mangroves response to climate and human impacts.
We now see that in coastal wetlands near tropical-temperate transition zones, salt marshes have been displaced by a poleward expansion of mangrove trees. I am especially interested in the Northern Pacific coast range limit, currently occuring in Baja California, Mexico. Will these mangroves migrate poleward towards Southern California, similarly to what is currently observed in Florida where mangroves are encroaching rapidly towards Georgia?

Another focus of my dissertation is on human-induced dynamics. Mangroves have long been deforested in many tropical countries, and I have been focused in Madagascar and Senegal, where losses have been significant. However, using long-term remote sensing surveys, we are seeing positive dynamics over the last decade, with mangroves regenerating either naturally, or with the help of reforestation and habitats restoration projects.


Kyle Cavanaugh, Thomas Gillespie, John Parker, Candy Feller