Scott Lydon

Scott Lydon

Graduate Student


Biogeography; Paleoecology; Paleoclimatology; Wetlands Science; Palynology


C.Phil., University of California, Los Angeles (2017)

Graduate Certificate, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS; Sub-Specialty: Biogeography), California State University–East Bay (2012)

BA Social & Behavioral Science–Archaeology, California State University–Monterey Bay (2011)


I investigate how past climatic variability has altered carbon sequestration in wetlands of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Yosemite National Park, California.  Wetlands in these systems are sensitive to variations in precipitation and temperature.  The last 2,000 years of climatic change is often well documented within the sediment of such wetlands.  Thus, sediment cores from the Delta and Yosemite allow me to address how periods of warming, cooling, flooding, and drought have impacted carbon accumulation rates throughout much of the Holocene.  While closely collaborating with researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey, I hope to better understand long-term carbon sequestration processes.  Such research may serve to inform California’s carbon credits program and the United States more broadly.

Selected Publications

Glover, K.C., MacDonald, G.M., Kirby, M.E., Rhodes, E.J., Stevens, L., Silveira, E., Whitaker, A. and Lydon, S., 2017. Evidence for orbital and North Atlantic climate forcing in alpine Southern California between 125 and 10 ka from multi-proxy analyses of Baldwin Lake. Quaternary Science Reviews167, pp.47-62.

Cusack, DF, Karpman, J. Ashdown, D., Cao, Q., Ciochina, M., Halterman, S., Lydon, S.,Neupane, A. Global Change Effects on Humid Tropical Forests: Evidence for Biogeochemical and Biodiversity Shifts at an Ecosystem-scale. Reviews of Geophysics. (2016).

Grants & Awards

Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Scholar, California State University (2017-2018)Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, UCLA Graduate Division (2015-2016)UCLA Geography Department Research Travel Grant (2015-2016)University of California, White Mountain Research Center Grant (2015-2016)La Kretz Conservation Science Center Graduate Student Grant, UCLA (2015-2016)Eugene Cota-Robles Fellow, UCLA Graduate Division (2014-2018)Sally Casanova Scholar, California Pre-Doctoral Award (2012-2013)Outstanding Tutor, Communications Department, California State University–East Bay (CSUEB; 2012)Dean’s List, California State University–Monterey Bay (CSUMB; 2011)City of Seaside, CA, “Silver” Community Service Award (2009)Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2), U.S. Navy (2003; 2005-2006)

Courses & Presentations

American Geophysical Union, 2015, Glover, KC, MacDonald, GM, Kirby, ME, Rhodes, EJ, Stevens, L, Lydon, S, Silveira, E, Whitaker, A. (2015).Southern California climate, hydrology and vegetation over the past ~96 ka from Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mountains, California

Geological Society of America, 2015.Glover, KC, MacDonald, GM, Kirby, ME, Rhodes, EJ, Stevens, L, Lydon, S, Silveira, E, Whitaker, A. (2015).Insight Into Southern California Paleoclimate Since Marine Isotope Stage 5C (C. 96 KA) From Balwin Lake, San Bernardino
Mountains, Lakes of the World.

Summer Program from Undergraduate & Graduate Research (SPUR), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). August 13, 2013. Los Angeles, California, Social Sciences Symposium, Paper Presented: “Climate Change & The Fremont People: A Pollen Proxy Analysis of Climate During the Past 1000 Years at Denise Lake, Utah.”

California Mission Studies Association Annual Conference. February 16-18, 2013. Santa Barbara, California. Paper Co-Presented with J. Gentry & J. Lucido: “Etched Into Sacred Space”; GIS Specialization.

Society for American Archaeology, 77th Annual Meeting. April 18-22, 2012. Memphis, Tennessee. Latina/o Archaeology Symposium, Paper Presented: “An Archaeology A General History of Street Murals and Graffiti in Salinas, California”; GIS Specialization.

“Tagging A City’s Identity”, Monterey County Weekly Article, July 2011; GIS Specialization.

“Academic Approach to Understanding Gangs”, KSBW News Story, May 2011; GIS Specialization.


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