Majors and Minors


The Geography Department offers 2 undergraduate majors that lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree, and 3 minors. Our majors prepare students for employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors (in environmental analysis, assessment, and management, map making and remote sensing, regional analysis, economic and urban spatial analysis, and teaching) and for graduate study in law, management, urban and regional planning, education, other biophysical and social sciences, and applied programs, as well as in Geography.




Designed to develop and deepen your ability to interpret and explain the occurrence, distribution, and interrelationships of the earth’s physical and social elements. Geographers examine – where are things located; why are they located in that manner; and how their location affects them? The geographer’s challenge is to provide continuing interpretation of the constantly changing physical and human landscapes of the world.


Intended to develop and deepen your understanding of environmental issues. It emphasizes a systems approach to gaining an understanding of major environmental problems facing our society and the world at large. You will gain an understanding of geographical perspectives of human impacts on natural systems, and on the implications of environmental change on local, regional and global human systems.

This is an especially attractive major for liberal arts students as well as those who want to specialize in areas such as international issues, development, the environment and remote-sensing GIS. Its body of theory and its methodologies provide ideas and techniques applicable to a wide range of questions about our environment; it also provides both the regional and world perspectives required of responsible citizens.


The GIS&T Minor provides students with cutting-edge technical knowledge and skills using state-of-the-art information technology, such as geographical information systems (GIS), satellite imagery and global positioning systems (GPS), which are in high demand in business, government and research. Upon completion of the minor, students are well-positioned to enter the workforce or to pursue advanced degrees in geography or other allied fields.


Please review the criteria defined in the header of the petition. If you are eligible, please download and fill out the petition and return via email.

Counseling & Advising

To speak with the Department’s Student Advisor, you may stop by the Main Office at 1255 Bunche Hall during drop-in advising hours or you may request an in-person appointment. There is no sign-up sheet and sessions are on a first-come-first served basis. Drop-in hours are subject to change. To schedule an in-person appointment, please e-mail.

To declare a major or minor offered by the Department, please visit the main office in 1255 Bunche Hall and complete the short yellow petition form located at the front desk. Provided that you meet the criteria outlined on the petition, you will be added to the major/minor within 5 business days. Similarly, if you intend to drop a major or minor, complete the yellow petition indicating this option. If you have questions, you are welcome to meet with the SAO during drop-in hours or by appointment.

For all other undergraduate program inquiries, please e-mail.



Please go to the College of Letters and Science’s information page concerning the procedures for declaring a second major.


For questions regarding your General Education (GE) or University requirements, please go to your main counseling unit:


Please fill out the Undergraduate Petition (PDF) along with appropriate documentation and return via e-mail.