Study Abroad


The Department of Geography encourages students to study abroad while at UCLA. Students can often have the study abroad courses count towards their majors and minors.

In order for a student to have a study abroad course transfer, do the following:

  1. Ensure the courses will be accepted by the UCLA Undergraduate Admissions Office.
    Talk to the Geography Student Affairs Officer to see which courses will transfer to the major/minor.


  • For Study Abroad courses taken in Geography departments and approved by UC Education Abroad (UC EAP), the number of upper division courses that a student can transfer is 5 for majors and 2 for minors.
  • For Study Abroad courses from non-Geography departments and courses outside of the Department, there will be a maximum of 2 upper division courses that can transfer to the majors and a maximum of 1 upper division course that can transfer to the minor.


UCLA International Education Abroad Office.

Wildlands Studies – Western Washington University

  • The Geography Department will allow 2 upper division courses from the Wildlands Studies program to count towards the Geography major/minor or Geography/Environmental Studies major/minor (within the Environmental Studies cluster) if the program is at least 6 weeks.
  • If a student participates in a less than 6-week program, the courses will count towards the student’s overall units but not towards the majors or minors.

UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy (CAPPP)

There are plenty of study abroad programs not associated with UCLA that students can participate in, but make sure they are accepted by the UCLA Undergraduate Admissions Office prior to enrolling or paying any fees.

Note: If you participate in a non-UC study abroad program, you must apply for a Planned Academic Leave through the International Education Abroad Office and send the transcripts to the UCLA Registrar’s Office upon completion of the program.