Students wishing to engage in a capstone experience in their senior year will enroll in one of the following special seminars offered only in the Fall:

  • 191V. Border and Transnational Studies
  • 191X. Expressive Arts
  • 191Y. History, Culture, and Language of the Americas
  • 191Z. Labor, Law, and Policy Studies

Capstone seminars, always taught by core faculty in the department, engage students in weekly reading, writing, discussion, analysis, and peer review of capstone projects culminating in a public oral presentation of the students’ work.

A capstone project is an inquiry-based research paper, an expanded paper from a previous upper-division course in the student’s chosen track, or a creative project developed in close consultation with a faculty mentor.

To enroll in capstone seminars seniors must have completed all lower division preparation courses, the required theory course, and at least three courses in their primary concentration. It is expected that the resulting works demonstrate strong research and analytical skills, competency in interdisciplinary methodology, a mastery of basic knowledge in the field including a foundation of race, class, gender, and sexuality epistemologies, and a broad understanding of the student’s area of concentration. Capstone projects will be archived and accessible through the departmental website.