Cover of book Rivers of Power

Rivers of Power: How a Natural Force Raised Kingdoms, Destroyed Civilizations, and Shapes Our World

Rivers, more than any road, technology, or political leader,…
Cover to book Urban Studies Inside/Out

Urban Studies Inside/Out

At a time of intense theoretical debates in urban studies, the…
Mapping Populism cover

Mapping Populism: Taking Politics to the People

Mapping PopulismTaking Politics to the People978-1-5381-2401-7…
Spatial Histories of Radical Geography cover

Spatial Histories of Radical Geography: North America and Beyond

A wide-ranging and knowledgeable guide to the history of radical…
Everyday Equalities cover

Everyday Equalities: Making Multicultures in Settler Colonial Cities

Everyday Equalities: Making Multicultures in Settler Colonial…
Black Rice cover
Peacebuilding in Practice cover
Contrasting Neoliberalism cover
Intimate Encounters: Filipina Women cover