Jon Reynolds

Commencement 2021

This quarter has reinforced for me ever more the force of Alexander von Humboldt’s perspective that geography, literally earth description, revolves around a single word, Zusammenhang, or the interrelationships of phenomena of every kind, both physical and human. My personal and heartfelt congratulations to all of you! Go on from UCLA to embrace this world in all of its diversity. Stay curious. And keep in touch with us at UCLA.

Commencement 2020

Crowded room for the von Humboldt lecture

von Humboldt 2020

Photo of UCLA 100 years graduation tassel

Commencement 2019

Professor Laurence C. Smith Retirement

Professor Laurence C. Smith's retirement party, UCLA Luskin Conference Center.

Alexander von Humboldt Colloquium 2019

Annual Alexander von Humboldt colloquium and awards dinner.

AAG Party 2019

UCLA Party at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, April 2019, in Washington, DC.

FoG Bird Watching – January 2019

Bird watching at Malibu Lagoon Beach State Park with Professor Emeritus Hartmut Walter and Professor Thomas Gillespie.

FoG Career Fair 2019