Shaina Potts

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Email    spotts@geog.ucla.edu
Office  1158 Bunche Hall

(Ph.D, UC Berkeley, 2017) is Assistant Professor in Geography and Global Studies, with research interests in post-colonial sovereign debt relations, transnational legal-financial geographies, and the politics of territory.


Ph.D, UC Berkeley, 2017

B.A., UC Berkeley, 2005

Fields of Study

Financial, legal and political geography; development studies; critical global studies.


2017 Ashby Prize, Environment and Planning A, for the paper: “Reterritorializing economic governance: Contracts, space, and law in transborder economic geographies”

Selected Publications

(Forthcoming) Potts, Shaina. “Deep Finance: Sovereign Debt Crises and the Secondary Market ‘Fix.’” Economy and Society.

2016 Potts, Shaina. Book review: "Bringing the Law Back in: Legal Power, Form, Time and Space in The Great Leveler." Environment and Planning A.

2016 Knuth, Sarah and Shaina Potts (2016). “Legal Geographies of Finance Editors’ Introduction.” Environment and Planning A, 48(3) 458–464.

2016 Potts, Shaina. “Reterritorializing Economic Governance: Contracts, Space, and Law in Transborder Economic Geographies.” Environment and Planning A, 48(3) 523–539.