Shaina Potts

Shaina Potts

Assistant Professor
Ladder Faculty

Office: 1158 Bunche Hall



I am an economic, legal, and political geographer with a focus on the articulation of international political economic processes, geopolitics, and law.

In the age of globalization, cross-border economic processes are often treated as placeless, ubiquitous flows making nation-states and borders increasingly obsolete. My work shows, in contrast, how transnational economic relations are inscribed in concrete and geographically specific legal and institutional practices and that states remain central to producing and governing this activity. The bulk of my work combines detailed analyses of technical economic and legal processes with extensive historical and geopolitical contextualization to show how the perpetuation of North-South economic inequalities is shaped by the micro-operations of contracts, financial transactions, and law.

One strand of my research focuses on financial geographies of sovereign debt, with a focus on debt crises in the Global South. More broadly, I consider the mutual constitution of legal and economic geographies, on the one hand, and territory, sovereignty and geopolitics, on the other. My first book Globalizing Judicial Territory: Law, Capital, and American Empire, forthcoming with Duke University Press, documents the almost entirely overlooked role of the transnational extension of US common law and judicial authority in undermining the “developmental” or “interventionist” economic practices of postcolonial governments and in bolstering American power and the liberal international economic order since World War II.


Ph.D, UC Berkeley, 2017

B.A., UC Berkeley, 2005

Selected Publications

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