Jennifer Badger

Jennifer Badger

Graduate Student



My research interests include the spatial distribution of pollutants, public health, urban forests, urban agroecology, historical redlining, air quality indices, fire and urban air pollution, political ecology, urban environmental justice, GIS, critical GIS, PPGIS, remote sensing and sensitivity analysis.


2010 B.S. Conservation Resource Studies, highest honors, University of California, Berkeley


Currently my research focuses on the spatial distribution of air pollution, its effect on public health outcomes and examination of the political, economic and sociocultural designations of urban space which lead to the uneven access of "clean air." I am currently working on utilizing a sensitivity analysis framework as well as a spatial lens in order to evaluate the fragility of published findings linking PM2.5 to COVID-19 mortality in the United States.

Grants & Awards

2020 Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship


MA Committee:

Michael Shin, Professor of Geography (Committee Chair)

Susanna Hecht, Professor of Geography and Urban Planning

Kathleen Bawn, Professor of Political Science