Lu Su

Lu Su


Land Surface Hydrology Research Group, Geography Department, UCLA



Hydrologic modeling

Hydrological Extreme Events

Subseasonal hydrological forecast

Selected Publications

Su, L., Cao, Q., Shukla, S. Pan, M., Lettenmaier, D. P., 2023: Evaluation of Subseasonal Drought Forecast Skill over the Coastal Western U.S., Journal of Hydrometeorology

Su, L., Cao, Q., Xiao, M., Mocko, D. M., Barlage, M., Li, D., Peters-Lidard, C.D. and Lettenmaier, D. P., 2021: Drought Variability over the Conterminous United States for the Past Century. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 22(5), 1153-1168.

Su, L., Miao, C. and Gou, J., 2021: Long-term Trends in Songhua River Basin Streamflow and its Multivariate Relationships with Meteorological Factors. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28, 64206-64219.

Peters-Lidard, C.D., Mocko, D. M., Su, L., Lettenmaier, D. P., Gentine, P. and Barlage, M., 2021: Advances in Land Surface Models and Indicators for Drought Monitoring and Prediction. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 102(5): E1099-E1122.

Pierce, D.W., Su, L., Cayan, D. R., Risser, M. D., Livneh, B. and Lettenmaier, D. P., 2021: An Extreme-Preserving Long-Term Gridded Daily Precipitation Dataset for the Conterminous United States, Journal of Hydrometeorology, 22(7), 1883-1895.

Su, L., Miao, C., Duan, Q., Lei, X. and Li, H., 2019: Multiple‐wavelet Coherence of World’s Large Rivers with Meteorological Factors and Ocean Signals. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres124(9), 4932-4954.

Su, L., Miao, C., Kong, D., Duan, Q., Lei, X., Hou, Q. and Li, H., 2018: Long-term Trends in Global River Flow and the Causal Relationships between River Flow and Ocean Signals. Journal of hydrology, 563,818-833.

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