César E. Chávez Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Calendars 

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  • The Chicana and Chicano Studies conference room, 7386 Bunche Hall, is available for use by reservation based on availability. To check availability go to department website, under resources, event calendar: Priority is given to the Chicana and Chicano Studies department administration, faculty, and graduate students. Requests from outside the department will be considered after the Chicana and Chicano Studies department needs are fulfilled.
  • All conference room reservation requests must be submitted by a department faculty, staff, or graduate student by email to Sandy Garcia Reservation requests must include the date & time, purpose, number of guests, and contact information. Sandy will send a reply email confirming or declining the reservation request.
  • The conference room is available for reservation Mon-Fri, between the hours of 8am-5pm. The conference room is not available after regular work hours (after 5pm), during the weekend (Sat & Sun) and holidays. You must arrive 15 minutes before your reservations start time and your reservation can’t go longer than end time requested.
  • Approved user groups to use the conference room are administration, faculty, and graduate students.
  • Non-approved user groups are undergraduate student groups and associations; there are other spaces on campus available for their use.
  • Restricted use: the conference room is not available for conducting regularly scheduled academic classes, seminars and TA discussions. These courses should be taught in an appropriate classroom. However, in emergency situations where a room is need for a class to meet (one time use) requests will be considered.
  • No food or beverage is allowed without prior approval from the department.
  • If food and beverage is approved by the department no food and beverage should remain in the room after use. The user group must clean the room and remove all trash to the hallway.
  • After use the conference room tables and chairs need to be arranged in their original format and the white board should be cleaned of all dry erase markers.
  • Any damage to the conference room, furniture, equipment, or loss of property during use is the responsibility of the user group to report to the department main office immediately (7349 Bunche Hall). User group will be accountable to cover all monetary costs of damage repair and replacement of missing property.
  • Any user(s) whom fail to adhere to the conference room policy will have their future conference room reservation requests denied.