Eric Sheppard

1170 Bunche Hall

Contact Information

Email    esheppard@geog.ucla.edu
Office  1255 Bunche Hall
Phone  3108251912

(PhD, University of Toronto, 1976) is Humboldt Chair and Professor of Geography, with research interests in geographical political economy, uneven geographies of globalization, neoliberalism, urbanization in the global South, urban sustainability and environmental justice, and critical GIS. He teaches courses in globalization, economic geography, and development geographies.


MA and PhD, University of Toronto, Canada, (1974; 1977)

BSc (hons) Bristol University, UK (1972)

Fields of Study

economic, urban and political geography, development, geographic thought, geographic information technologies


Distinguished Scholarship Honors, Association of American Geographers (1999) 
Scholar of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota (2001-4) 
Fesler Lampert Humanities Professor, University of Minnesota (2002-4) 
Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (2005-6) 
Regents Professor, University of Minnesota (2008-12) 
Supporting Women in Geography graduate advising award, University of Minnesota (2009) 
President, Association of American Geographers (2012-3)

Selected Publications


  • (with Linda Peake) The emergence of radical/critical geography within North AmericaACME: An International E-journal for Critical Geographies 13 (2014): 305-327
  • (with Catherine Chang) “Chinese Green Capitalism and Urban Sustainability: Shanghai’s Dongtan Eco-city and Chongming Eco-islandJournal of Urban Technology 20 (2013), 57-75
  • Thinking through the PilbaraAustralian Geographer 44 (2013): 265-282
  • (with Helga Leitner and Anant Maringanti) “Provincializing global urbanism: A manifestoUrban Geography 34 (2013): 893-900
  • Rethinking capitalism from a geographical perspective. 経済地理学年報 (Annals of the Japan Association of Economic Geographers) 59 (2013): 394-418
  • Trade, globalization and uneven development, Progress in Human Geography, 36 (2012): 44-71 (PDF)
  • Space and spatiality in theory (with Peter Merriman, Martin Jones, Gunnar Olsson, Nigel Thrift, Yi-fu Tuan), Dialogues in Human Geography, 2 (2012): 3-22 (PDF)
  • Geographical political economy, Journal of Economic Geography, 11 (2011): 319-331 (PDF)
  • Geography, nature and the question of development, Dialogues in Human Geography, 1(2011): 46-7 (PDF)
  • Quo Vadis Neoliberalism? The Remaking of Global Capitalist Governance after the Washington Consensus (with Helga Leitner), Geoforum, 41 (2010): 185-94 (PDF)
  • 'Nothing includes everything': Towards engaged pluralism in Anglophone economic geography (with Trevor Barnes), Progress in Human Geography 34 (2010): 193-214 (PDF)
  • Capitalism beyond harmonious equilibrium: Mathematics as if human agency mattered (with L. Bergmann and P. Plummer), Environment and Planning A, 41 (2009): 265-283 (PDF)
  • The spatiality of contentious politics (with H. Leitner, K. Sziarto), Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, NS33 (2008): 157-172 (PDF)
  • Geographic dialectics? Environment and Planning A, 40 (2008): 2603-2612 (PDF)
  • Geography matters: Agency, structures and dynamics (with Paul Plummer), Journal of Economic Geography, 6 (2006): 619-37 (PDF)
  • Constructing free trade: From Manchester boosterism to global management, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, NS30 (2005): 151-172 (PDF)
  • Knowledge production through critical GIS: Review and Assessment, Cartographica, 40 (2005): 5-22
  • The spaces and times of globalization: Economic Geography, 78 (2002): 307-330 (PDF)
  • The city is dead, long live the network: Harnessing networks for a neoliberal urban agenda (with H.Leitner), Antipode 31 (2002): 495-518(PDF)
  • GIS-based measures of environmental equity: Exploring their sensitivity and significance (with R. McMaster, H. Leitner and H. Tian), Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology 9 (2009): 18-28 (PDF)




Geographical political economy 
Trade and uneven geographies of globalization 
Out-of-equilibrium spatial capitalist economic dynamics 
Great transformations of Asian cities: Contesting global urbanism 
Urban sustainability and environmental justice 
Critical geographic information technologies

As President of the Association of American Geographers, he gave the 2014 past president's address: "Thinking geographically: Globalizing capitalism and beyond"


Mellon Foundation 'Collaborative Graduate Education and Research Partnership: Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (University of Minnesota) and Centre for Humanities Research (University of the Western Cape)' (2010-12) 
National Science Foundation 'Advanced Information Science' (1997-2000) 
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis 'GIS Representations of Nature and Society' (1996-7) 
National Science Foundation 'Spatial price competition and market share amongst multilocational corporations' (1988-91)

Grad Students

Former PhD Advisees 
Trevor J. Barnes (University of British Columbia) 
Deborah Karasov (Great River Greening, St. Paul MN) 
Tae-kyung Koh (Korean Housing Institute) 
Yeong-ki Beck (Chonbuk University, Korea) 
Claire E. Pavlik (University of Iowa) 
Paul Plummer (University of Western Australia) 
Theano Terkenli Koop (University of the Aegean) 
Byron Miller (University of Calgary) 
Yu Zhou (Vassar College) 
Dmitri Sidorov (CSU, Long Beach). 
Stephen Smela (The Improve Group, Minneapolis MN) 
Padraig R. Carmody (Trinity College Dublin) 
William Lynn (Clark University) 
James Glassman (University of British Columbia) 
Leila Harris (University of British Columbia) 
Christopher Sneddon (Dartmouth College) 
Andrea Nightingale (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) 
Mary Thomas (Ohio State University) 
Bongman Seo (Incheon Development Institute, S. Korea) 
Gabriela Valdivia (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) 
Daisaku Yamamoto (Colgate University) 
Sookjin Kim (Konkuk University, Seoul) 
Yvette Pye (Saint Mary's University of Minnesota) 
Ryan Holifield (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) 
Joshua Barkan (University of Georgia)
Jun Zhang (University of Toronto)
Ananthakrishna Maringanti (Hyderabad Urban Laboratory)
Moira Mcdonald (Walton Foundation, Washington DC) 
Marion Traub-Werner (SUNY Buffalo) 
Raj Narayanareddy (University of Toronto) 
Sam Schueth (InterMedia Survey Institute, Washington DC) 
Luke Bergmann (University of Washington)

Renata Blumberg (Montclair State University)

Catherine Chang (Macalester College)

Kate Kindervater (Society of Fellows postdoc, Dartmouth College)

Sían Butcher (Witwatersrand University, South Africa)

Luis Felipe Alvarez Léon (CONACYT postdoctoral fellow, University of Southern California)

Current (co)advisees

University of Minnesota: Alicia Lazzarini

UCLA: Dimitar Anguelov, KT Bender, Siyu Cai, Emma Colven, Sam Nowak, Clare Beer, Dian Irawati