Adam Moore

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Adam Moore

Associate Professor
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Office: 1255 BUNCHE HALL


Curriculum Vitae


PhD: Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2010


Broadly conceived my research concerns the political and geographical dynamics of war, militarism and peace, or what I call conflict geographies. Topics of particular interest include ethnic conflict, nationalism, intrastate war, postwar peacebuilding, Southeast European politics, military labor, military contracting and the militarization of U.S. foreign policy.

Selected Publications


Graduate Students

Current PhD Students

James Walker. Interests: Human rights and humanitarianism, geopolitics, militarism, remote sensing, drones

Nour Joudah. Interests: Settler colonialism, decolonization, indigenous studies, territoriality, critical cartography

Former Students

Nerve Macaspac (PhD): Assistant Professor, CUNY Staten Island

Ali Hamdan (PhD): Postdoc, George Washington University

Robert Mobley (MA): Instructor, United States Air Force Academy