Hartmut Walter

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Hartmut Walter

Emeriti Faculty

Office: 1255 BUNCHE

Email: hswalter@g.ucla.edu

Phone: 310-825-1071


(Emeritus) (Ph.D., Bonn, 1967) is Professor Emeritus with research interests in biogeography, globalization impacts on nature, animal ecology, ornithology, and extinction geography.


1968/69 Postdoctoral (Harkness Fellow), Department of Geography, University of Chicago.

1967/68 Postdoctoral (Harkness Fellow), Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley.

1967 Ph. D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in zoology, summa cum laude, University of Bonn. Minors: botany, chemistry.

1961 Foreign student in Italy, University of Cagliari: field ecology and ornithology (12 months).

1960 University of Bonn. Major: zoology; minors: botany, geography.


Biogeography, particularly island biogeography, wildlife conservation, extinction processes, environmental effects of globalization and global heating, raptor ecology, endangered birds, conservation theory, climate change.

Selected Publications

  • Hicks, J. J. & H. S Walter. 2009. Population decline of the Island Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus anthonyi) in the California Channel Islands. Wilson J. of Ornithology 121: 184-187.
  • Hahn, I.,U. Romer, P. Vergara & H. S. Walter. 2009. Biogeography, diversity, and conservation of the Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile.Vertebrate Zoology 59: 102-114.
  • Walter, H. S. & G. A. Levin. 2008. Feral sheep on Socorro Island: facilitators of alien plant colonization and ecosystem decay. Diversity and Distributions 14: 422-431.
  • Feeley, K.J,T.W. Gillespie, D.J. Lebbin & H. S. Walter. 2007. Species characteristics associated with extinction vulnerability and nestesness rankings of birds in tropical forest fragments. Animal Conservation 10: 493-501.
  • Walter, H. S. 2007. A better Salton Sea for our birds. Western Tanager 73(3): 1-5
  • Walter, H. S. 2005. Extinction at our doorstep: what happened to the Island Loggerhead Shrike? Western Tanager 71 (4): 1-3.
  • Walter, H. S. 2004. Understanding places and organisms in a changing world. TAXON 53: 905- 910.
  • Walter, H. S. 2004. The mismeasure of islands: implications for biogeographic theory and the conservation of nature. Journal of Biogeography 31: 177-197. (PDF)
  • Walter, H. S. 1998. Driving forces of island biodiversity: an appraisal of two theories. Physical Geography 19: 351-377.
  • Walter, H. 1979. Eleonora’s Falcon: adaptations to prey and habitat in a social raptor. University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London. 410 pp. (PDF)